Create elegance and sophistication in every stitch - perfect your wedding suit for a truly memorable day
Your wedding suit
Wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in life. A wedding suit is one of the most special items in any man's wardrobe. Our team are expertly trained to create something perfect down to the last detail, ensuring the groom and his friends absolutely flawless look on their special day. Natural, sophisticated and elegant suits are designed to ensure a balanced and comfortable fit on the body
As no two weddings are the same, there should be no two identical suits. Whether it's a summer beach wedding, a winter wedding in the mountains, a city ceremony or an overseas honeymoon, we've got you covered

Rest assured, our skilled seamstresses are ready to help you through the process and create the perfect garment
Shirts, accessories and shoes
They say the secret hides in the details. Our tailors will help you choose the perfect accessories, from shirts to bow ties, cufflinks and elegant shoes

We are here to advise you on every detail
For inspiration
At Monokel Riga, we not only create the wedding suit of your dreams, but also offer a wide range of inspiration to help you visualize your wedding suit
Light grey
With just a few extra details, you can transform our 365 light grey stretch wool and linen blend into a perfect wedding suit. Team it with a matching waistcoat, white satin shirt, white silk handkerchief and white satin-silk tie to complete the look on the big day. After the wedding, this versatile suit can be worn both as a business suit and as a casual suit for many years to come
Eternal deep green shade, 365 stretch wool and linen blend. Perfect for weddings with a white satin shirt, matching handkerchief and white satin and silk tie
Light brown
Consider choosing a stylish yet comfortable three-piece suit in light brown, made from a 365 stretch wool and linen blend, for your summer wedding suit. Team it with a white satin shirt, a matching handkerchief and a white satin-silk tie to complete the look
The unique blend of brown and gray in the taupe color makes it a versatile and sophisticated choice. With a 365 stretch wool and linen blend and matching waistcoat, this suit is perfect for any formal occasion, including weddings. Complete the look with a white shirt, a matching handkerchief and a white satin-silk tie
Sky blue
Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with our 365 Sky Blue Suit, made from S130 wool with a double-twisted yarn for a wrinkle-resistant and sophisticated look. This three-piece suit is perfect for a wedding, complete with a white satin cotton shirt, white silk pocket square and white satin silk tie to complete the festive ensemble
Navy blue
Often seen on the streets of Florence, this dark blue shade in fine S130 wool is perfect for a wedding, paired with a white satin jacquard waistcoat, tie and handkerchief. 365 fabric ensures a quality and long-lasting suit that will stand out on your special day
Make an impression in this stunning ensemble featuring a 365 Bamboo Blazer and Vest in off-white with ivory satin tuxedo details and a bow tie. Pair it with a pair of navy baratea wool and mohair blend tuxedo pants and a crisp white cotton poplin shirt for a sophisticated look
Classic elegance
Timeless, this best-selling navy suit is crafted from a 365 tropical wool and mohair blend with a matching navy satin bow tie, pant stripes and tuxedo details. The subtle shine of the white cotton twill shirt and pocket square complements the suit perfectly, making it the perfect choice for any formal occasion
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